FDA Compliant

NSF Certified

ANSI Certified

HACCP Compliant


Our mission is to provide the Food Industry and Community with a device that will monitor both  Time and temperature of your refrigerated food . Our belief that prevention is better than a cure is behind the design and function of the D-MOMETER®  . The D-MOMETER® allows restaurants, food retailers, and homeowners while they are present or away, to know whether the temperature in the refrigeration unit is sufficient to keep the food outside of ‘the Temperature Danger Zone’  ( TDZ) .The enforcement of strict Time and Temperature control requires the user To know if the food was exposed to the temperature danger zone and for how long. The D-MOMETER® informs the e user  of the conditions in their refrigeration unit. It allows the user to take the necessary actions to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness. Please follow the FDA Food code and your local Health Departments rules and regulations . The D-MOMETER® can help  you Follow the  HACCP  guidelines to monitor and control the Time and Temperature of refrigerated food.